Cream of Mushroom

Image by Muxxi. — Creative Commons

Cream of mushroom soup is my go-to remedy for heartaches, sadness, and most importantly, hunger.

While it’s a simple soup, it can be somewhat hard to get it right. Sometimes, it’s too salty, sometimes, too bland. A good place to get a hearty bowl of cream of mushroom is Cornish Pasty. While their specialty is pasties, the selection of soups is beyond palatable, and enticing to those wishing to stay within their budget.

When I order a bowl at Cornish Pasty, it is always accompanied by their house-made bread and butter. The combination of all these flavors makes my stomach feel warm, and my heart feel full. I always take my time when eating soup, as I am a strong believer in enjoying whatever meal I’m having, soup or not.

By the time I finish eating my meal, I often feel like taking a nap, and with good reason. The calorie amount in this meal is high. Between the carbs from the bread, the salt and fats from the butter, and the amount of sodium in the soup, the likelihood of getting anything done post-meal is very low.

Photo by Martin Cathraen — CC//How you’ll be feeling after a bowl of cream of mushroom soup.

The best time to enjoy soup, cream of mushroom or not, is during a cold and overcast day. Preferably, you have nothing planned with the rest of your time, and can leisurely eat and perhaps watch a movie afterwards, or read a book, or maybe just lay on your bed contemplating a better diet for yourself, that mushroom soup is not doing you any favors.

What I really like about cream of mushroom soup is just that — it’s creamy and rich. The consistency is thicker, so in a way it feels like you’re eating, not drinking the meal.

Some ingredients that go really well with the cream of mushroom are rice, cashews, and of course, mushrooms. A spoonful of this, and a bite of bread, are in my book, one of the best flavor combinations I’ve ever had.

In a way, soup is the type of meal that makes you stop, and take your time. You’ve got to wait for it to be the right temperature, and you can’t eat it too fast. Soup is a meal to be enjoyed by the spoonful, not to be scarfed down and be on your way.

Cream of mushroom is also one of the most filling types of soups, and you can add protein, like chicken, to make it a more satisfactory eating experience. That’s why it’s my favorite soup.

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