Best Practice — 5 reasons you should be using a third-party email provider.

When most hosting offers “free” email why should you pay to go elsewhere?

“I don’t need to pay for email — my host offers it for free”

Email is never free. The reason email is bundled with hosting is to lock you into using that provider forever because migrating email between services is a pain.

Leaving your email bundled in with your web-hosting simply means you are paying for it by giving up the ability to easily migrate to a new provider easily.

5 Simple Reasons to Switch

1 — Up time

Companies like Google or Microsoft make headlines when their email experiences downtime. Big providers have real-world financial incentives (from keeping their big corporate clients happy to ensuring their share price doesn’t take a nose dive) to keep you online.

2 — Spam (Incoming)

Google Mail, in particular, is famous for its spam filter. Coordinating spam reports from hundreds of thousands of users allows large email providers to provide more intelligent filtering.

3 — Spam (Outgoing)

By placing your email server on shared server you risk ending up on a spam blacklist. If another user on that server does something to get blacklisted your email, which shares the same outgoing server information, might go straight into your clients spam folder.

4 — User Experience

Most hosts use the same package of web email clients; Horde, Squirrelmail or Roundcube. None of these offer a good user experience.

Google Mail actually offers a web-mail interface that isn’t just passable preferable to a desktop client.

GSuite offers two flavours of webmail — “Classic” Google Mail or CRM focussed Inbox.

5 — Integration and Extras

Even individuals will find at least a few of the organizational tools that a ‘pro’ third party email service offers valuable.

For example — Google offers two tiers of email. A basic 30GB tier for ~£3 a month and a more expensive ~£8 month with unlimited storage. (Google states a single user account is limited to 1TB but this appears to unenforced)

You can take advantage this space for backup as well as email through their backup and sync tool. Or, if you are feeling paranoid, use a third-party encrypted backup solution such as ARQ.

What email provider is right for me?

I have used Google Apps (now GSuite) since I first started as a freelancer and it has been my go-to recommendation to clients looking to get started with a third-party email solution for years.

Importantly GSuite charges accounts per user. This means each user can have multiple email addresses.

If you are an individual who wants info@, name@ and accounts@ it won’t cost you any more to a mailbox setup to send and receive from those addresses.

Google Mail email migration tools will pull in existing mail to your new mail boxes easily.