What is the cheapest enterprise grade Email available in 2017? — Zoho’s free email hosting

Since I started freelancing I have recommend Google Apps to my clients as way to keep their email separate from their web-hosting.

Splashing out £3 a month is a bargain individuals but can start to get pricey as you increase the number of accounts.

Zoho emerged as a strong competitor to GSuite when Google dropped it’s ‘free’ tier in 2012 and represents great value to anyone who wants a free email account that isn’t linked to their web-hosting.

Currently Zoho offers 5GB of space per user; with up to 50 users per account for free.

That is free as in beer.

Zoho has a solid web-mail interface, decent spam protection (if properly configured) and all the under the bonnet features you would expect from a enterprise level provider (SPF and DKIM records, administrative tools).

However, the reason for Zoho’s popularity is undoubtedly it price.

It is very difficult to find issues with a service as comprehensive as Zoho when it is free.

Either way, by committing a provider like Google Mail or Zoho you will be breaking your reliance on your existing web host and allowing yourself to move your hosting around in future more easily.

Both Google Mail and Zoho offer email migration tools to pull in existing mail to your new mail boxes easily.

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