Observations of the Startup Ecosystem in Taiwan

Back in February, Jack flew to Taiwan and reconnect with friends, also met with Taiwan’s VR startup community. Here are some notes from his travels.


DigiSpace is a startup campus with three buildings located in Taipei and is also near the airport and convention center. TAVAR (Taiwan Association for Virtual and Augmented Reality) helps to run the space and provide many assistance service for global entrepreneurs. TAVAR bridge the Taiwan industry to international markets around the world, like China, Korea, New Zealand, etc. No matter the Taiwanese startups would like to explore markets abroad, or the foreign startups would like to explore Asian market and plan to build up a branch in Taiwan, DigiSpace is definitely a great option to be considered.

Andong Youth Start-up Hub

About 30-min driving away distance from DigiSpace, there is another space, Andong Youth Start-up Hub, supported by TAVAR as well. In comparison with DigiSpace, this place is fully supported by the Taoyuan city government. the gov and Microsoft collaborate to run the program here, MS provides many different tutorial lessons for free to encourage people to work with innovative technology.

Andong Youth Start-up Hub is really welcoming the entrepreneur experience from the globe. If you could stop by or have one stop in Taiwan, welcome to contact them, and visit the space and share your vision.

Andong Youth Startup Hub is located in Taoyuan, excellent atmosphere for startups and really closed to airport!

Taiwan Startup Stadium

TSS (Taiwan Startup Stadium) is focusing to help Taiwanese startups to explore more opportunities and make connection aboard, especially in North America. They are coaches Taiwan startups to go global and rock the world through intensive programs, strong leadership, and a broad network of global partners. TSS also strengthen the startup ecosystem by building strong bonds among member startups, and collaborating with local and International partners.


Based in Taipei, AppWorks is the largest startup accelerator in Greater Southeast Asia and one of the region’s most active early-stage VCs. AppWorks has really organized program with solid background and many years experience to support startups. Its accelerator helps seed-stage startups go from 0 to 1, and provide financing to help growth-stage startups scale faster. Moreover, their school provides education to those people and prepare them for a thriving career in the startup land. AppWorks got many various startups from the world join the community, and they all have same reasons to come here: Taiwanese talents could improve the production of company, and Taiwan has a great location for them to have a branch office and AppWorks could support them to explore Asian market from here.

AppWorks is located near Taipei 101, officially classified as the world’s tallest in 2004

In addition, Jack also caught up with some friends.

Cori Hsieh, the founder of TAVAR. She is really passionate on VR, AR, MR types of technology and believe it will change the future. She arranged the trip in DigiSpace and Andong Youth Start-up Hub, and welcome every entrepreneur from the world to visit DigiSpace and meet TAVAR.

Dr. Ju Chun Ko and I have been knowing each other for 6–7 years. He is a really amazing guy who you can not define who he is. He is an Assistant Professor in National Taipei University of Technology, also a book writer, even a educational TV show host in Taiwan. (Amazing right!) Before the thriving startup culture in the globe, he already did several startups and earn much experience from it. We shared lots of visions from observing the tech trend nowadays, it was great to learn from the inspiring conversation with him.

RH and Dobri are both my former colleagues in Next Media Animation in Taiwan. Now they are doing their own start-up Red Pill Lab in Taiwan as well. The service they provide is using HTC VIVE controller as mocap sensors to trigger animated avatar in real time, which could apply to TV show and Interactive exhibition.

(Left) Cori from TAVAR; (Middle) Dr. Ju-Chun Ko; (Right) Dobri and RH

Thanks, Jack, for taking time out of important development in order to gather thoughts on your trip from all the way back in February.

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