12 Stitcher Features You Might Not Know About

May 9 · 4 min read

If you’ve been Stitcher listener for awhile or you’re just joining us, we thought it would be helpful to point out some of the underused features that we think more people should know about!

  1. iOS Episode Search

Trying to find a specific episode of a show with hundreds of episodes can be a pain. We solved this on Stitcher for iOS by adding an in show search bar when you swipe down on a show page.

Just type in what you are looking for and the search results will pull from episode titles and descriptions. On Android, you can search for specific episodes in the search tab.

2. Episode Sorting

Here’s another way to customize how you listen: we added sorting abilities to all show pages. (Coming soon to Android!) You can hit the sort button to choose if you want to order episodes Oldest to Newest or Newest to Oldest.

Some shows even let you sort by year.

3. Casting and Airplay

Want to connect Stitcher to a bluetooth speaker, Airplay device or Google Home? On the “Now Playing” screen scroll down to the “Connect to Devices” button and tap it to view your connected device options. If you have a Google Device connected, a cast button will appear next to the connect to devices button.

4. iOS Share from time code

Want to send someone an episode you are listening to, but want them to hear it from a specific point? You can do that on Stitcher for iOS. When listening to an episode hit the share button and choose “Share from xx:xx.”

5. Custom Seek Options

Wish you could rewind 15 seconds instead of 30? You can! Go into playback settings to change your seek control options.

6. Disable Resuming Episode Voice

Yeah, we get it. Why do I need a voice to tell me I am resuming episode? Some people love it, but if it’s not for you, you can disable it in playback settings.

7. Organize your podcast life with Playlists

Have way too many podcasts to listen to and your life feels out of control? We understand. Organize your podcasts with custom playlists. I’ve created playlists for all my news shows, comedy shows, and shows that I want to listen to but haven’t gotten to yet. You can breathe a sigh of relief when your shows are all neatly tucked into lists!

8. Waze Integration

Do you use Waze to navigate when you drive? Did you know you can integrate it with Stitcher and control your podcast playback while you drive? Seek and skip through your episodes without having to take your eyes off the map.

9. Car Mode

Here’s another one for you drivers out there. Do you wish it was easier to tap playback buttons while driving? Give “Car Mode” a try. When playing an episode, scroll down and hit the car icon!

10. Up Next Queue

Listening to a podcast and found an episode you want to play after? Tap it and hit “Play Next” in the episode info menu! When you’re on the player, scroll down to reveal your “Up Next” queue. You can sort and delete episodes off the queue too!

11. Sleep Timer

There’s nothing like the relaxing sounds of a podcast to get you to sleep. To make Stitcher stop playing after a certain amount of time, scroll down in the player and click the sleep timer icon. Choose the duration and hit “Start Timer.” Sweet pod dreams!

12. Swipe To Delete Downloads

In the new downloads list on iOS, you can easily swipe to delete any episode. To delete multiple, hit the options button in the top right, then edit, then check all the episodes you want to delete. Finally, hit the delete button in the top right.

Is there a feature you want to see in future versions of the app? Send us an email or write to us on our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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