Celebrate Summer on the Road with Podcasts

Waze enhances your road trips, whether long or short, with entertainment for the drive ahead.

Jul 18, 2019 · 2 min read

Summer means vacation. This is the season of beach trips, camping, and other adventures. One recent survey indicated that many Americans have traded long summer vacations for shorter, more frequent weekend getaways. So for some of us, that means even more time in our cars.

Whatever your travel preferences, we’ve got some specially curated podcasts to make any drive — long or short, for work or fun — more entertaining and enlightening.

So you’re stuck at the office? Start your morning commute with Commuter Coffee Buzz. Find out what’s happening in your community and the world beyond, with local, national, and world news updates, and podcasts such as “The Daily,” “Fresh Air,” and “Today, Explained.” Feeling grumpy on the long commute home? Check out podcasts like “Happier with Gretchen Rubin” and “Science of Happiness.”

If you’re the carpooling type, first of all: Yay! And secondly, you might want to check out Carpool Challenge Pack: With podcasts offering trivia quizzes, game shows, and more, you’ll be bonding, competing, and laughing with your fellow carpoolers in no time.

Sometimes you just want to binge on entertainment. (And hey, maybe ice cream.) With Buckle Up and Binge, we’ve got some great binge-worthy series for you, including “Serial,” “Voyage to the Stars,” “Wild Thing,” “Sandra,” and “Homecoming.”

For families traveling with kids, long road trips can seem, well, a bit longer. That’s why you’ve got Are We There Yet? Enjoy podcasts that combine learning with fun, like “Wow in the World,” “Brains On,” “Story Pirates,” “Earth Rangers,” and, for especially inquisitive young minds, “But Why?”

Finally, if you’re hoping for road trip bliss, there’s Highway to Happy. Podcasts include feel-good stories and comedy shows with celebrity hosts such as Conan O’Brien, Marc Maron, and Anna Farris.

You can find all these lists in the “browse” tab of your Stitcher app!

Also, the next time you are on the road give our Stitcher integration on Waze a try. Seek and skip through your podcasts without taking your eyes off the map and road!

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