Chris Gethard, Bryan Safi, Dave Holmes, and Matt McConkey share their favorite Pride episodes 🌈

Jun 17 · 3 min read

Earwolf is our home for hilarious and diverse podcasts! We asked our hosts if they had any favorite LGBTQ+ themed episodes they wanted to share. These episodes are out from Stitcher Premium and free to listen to all month long!

Chris Gethard hosts Beautiful Anonymous, a truly unique show where he takes phone calls from complete strangers. The result has been some incredible conversations with amazing people. Bryan Safi co-hosts Throwing Shade and the Stitcher Premium spin off Deeper Shade of Shade with Erin Gibson. Matt McConkey and Dave Holmes host the fun queer comedy podcast, Homophilia!

Here are Chris Gethard’s favorites:

54 “What Not To Ask a Trans Person”

I love this call. Even in the year or so since it happened, trans visibility has increased. This caller got on the air in an era when that visibility was just being accepted and championed and embraced, and I really appreciated the caller allowing me to ask questions, and letting me know which ones were annoying/cliche/offensive. It was open and honest. A number of listeners have expressed to me that this call was the first time they heard a trans person tell their story in their own words, and I’m very proud of that.

120 Out of The Closet

I remember rooting for this caller so hard. He was on the precipice of a major life change — one that involved embracing a previously hidden part of his life. I always think back to this as a call that shows how the process of coming out can still feel daunting, even in a world that’s changing towards more acceptance. I think of this caller often and wonder how he’s doing.

141 Gay Mormon

This call really blew me away. Hearing about the caller’s experience being gay in a culture known for being harsh towards gay community members was eye opening and intense. The balance of love and appreciation for one’s background while learning not to apologize for one’s truth blew my mind. And the story of how his mom found out about his wedding is a classic.

Here are Bryan Safi’s Favorites:

Throwing Shade

335: Kentucky Sued for D&E Ban, Columbus Pride Festival, Guests Trixie Mattel, Paul F. Tompkins

We love Trixie Mattel always. Such a gut punch of humor, wit and talent. We wanted to combine Trixie with someone who makes us laugh just as hard with a different sensibility so we had Paul F. Tompkins join us too. It felt like we were setting up a blind date.

Deeper Shade of Shade

Rhea Butcher

Rhea Butcher is a long time friend but someone who we didn’t get to deeply know until this episode. Her insights on queer identification and queer divorce are not only right on but also hilarious.

Here are Matt and Dave’s Favorites:

Stephanie Allynne

This was a fun one. Stephanie is the best kind of comedy person: kind, open, inclusive, and effortlessly hilarious. I was so excited to talk to her that I actually forgot to ask about the movie she’s writing for Jennifer Aniston. And I NEVER miss an opportunity to talk about Jen. But that’s the power of Stephanie.

We hope you enjoy these free episodes this month! When you’re done with those, check out the rest of our “Queerwolf” shows here!

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