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Fake The Nation’s Negin Farsad’s Best Debate Reaction Tweets

Fake The Nation host Negin Farsad had a lot to say about last night’s presidential debate and lucky for us, she tweeted her thoughts. Here are some of Negin’s best tweet reactions from last night’s third and final presidential debate.

Oct 23, 2020 · 2 min read

Kid Rock — The musician was spotted alongside his pro golfer friend, Jon Daly, at the Nashville debate to show support for Trump. Kid Rock has been an avid supporter of Donald Trump for years, appearing at the White House several times over the president’s term. But both Kid Rock and Daly appeared at the event not wearing masks and were told by an employee to put them on. They begrudgingly agreed. Kid Rock then barely covered his nose.

New York — Trump argued that he was handling the pandemic well, but that New York wasn’t. “By the way, I will say this…if you go and look at what’s happened to New York, it’s a ghost town, it’s a ghost town,” Trump said. He added it was “dying” and that “everyone is leaving” the state. Meanwhile, as Negin wrote, many New Yorkers are still very much there with martinis in their hands.

Hunter Biden — For much of the debate, rather than discuss specifically what his plans were, Trump launched attacks at opponent Joe Biden as well as Joe’s son Hunter, who has been making headlines for questionable business dealings. But Trump spent much of the debate trying to repeat his strategy from 2016: Blame It On a Computer. Instead of Hillary Clinton’s emails, this time it’s Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell.” But as NYMag describes [], “the laptop story is far less dangerous to Biden than the emails were to Clinton.” And, as Negin points out, it’s no substitute for an actual plan.

Bernie — Similar to the Hunter Biden strategy, rather than debate Biden, Trump repeatedly brought up former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and his plans even though the latter was not present at the debate nor running for president.

All States — Trump continued his rhetoric of calling out democrat run states of poorly handling the pandemic, but Biden reminded viewers he would be president of all United States, not just the blue ones or red ones.

— Ian Goldstein

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