Five Podcasts Hosted by Women You Should Be Listening To

This Women’s History Month, Stitcher is partnering with Wonder Media Network to celebrate historic firsts and uplift some of our favorite women-hosted podcasts.

Mar 15 · 4 min read

Nora McInerny is the best-selling author of the memoir It’s Okay To Laugh, Crying Is Cool Too and the founder of the nonprofit Still Kickin. On her award-winning podcast Terrible, Thanks for Asking, she combines empathy and compassion with levity to help destigmatize life’s uncomfortable topics. When she’s not behind the mic, she’s listening to and learning from other women podcasters. Check out 5 of Nora’s favorite women-hosted podcasts.

In Recovery with Dr. Nzinga Harrison

Nora: I like to listen to podcasts that range from light and fluffy to punch-me-right-in-the-gut-with-life-changing-truth. In Recovery is of the latter variety. As someone who grew up with an AA attending Dad, no single piece of media has ever transformed my approach to addiction as much as In Recovery has. The first time I listened to Dr. Harrison was a revelation that re-contextualized large chunks of my own childhood and helped me find a deeper well of compassion for people struggling with addiction. Dr. Harrsion uses precise, updated language that can help all of us become better educated and more empathetic. I recommend this show to anyone struggling with addiction and anyone who has had a loved one or friend struggle with addiction, which is ALL OF US! The cherry on top is Lemonada Media, who produces this podcast, is co-founded by women.

Scam Goddess with Laci Mosley

Nora: Podcasting is largely built on the popularity of the true crime genre, but I don’t enjoy generally stories about murder, okay!?!? Scam Goddess covers the more palatable, lower stakes true crime I like best. Laci invites a guest on to debrief a scam story with lots of shady characters, like a dirtbag cousin or the guys on the other end of your Scam Likely calls. Laci’s ability to banter is top notch and her guests are also hilarious. Scam Goddess is the perfect mix of comedy and true crime that won’t leave you feeling guilty for casually chuckling at someone’s murder.

In The Dark with Madeleine Baran

Nora: There is one more type of true crime podcast that I enjoy: one made by a team of genius women journalists. Hosted by Madeleine Baran and reported and produced by a team of women colleagues, In The Dark is the type of world-changing, democracy-enhancing investigative journalism that wins prestigious awards. Their second season covers the case of Curtis Flowers, a Black man who was tried for the same crime six times in Mississippi. Just try not to binge this riveting, must-listen show. I dare ya.

Everything Happens with Kate Bowler

Nora: Anyone who has listened to my podcast, Terrible, Thanks for Asking, knows that I am the type of super fun person at parties who will regale you with stories about how I became a 32-year-old widow or that one time my Dad died six weeks before my husband also died. If I do ever get to go to another party in this life, there would be no one I’d like to find in my introverts and sad people corner more than Kate Bowler. Kate has a knack for talking to her guests about the most meaningful topics without glossing over the hard parts. This gorgeous, profound podcast is a balm for the soul.

Be There In Five with Kate Kennedy

Nora: The other Kate I would like to find and corner at a party is Kate Kennedy of Be There in Five podcast. Kate is the type of fluid talker who speaks in complete paragraphs. She does the show mostly solo, with longer episodes that leave me with the feeling that I just had a long, satisfying catch up with a best friend. Kate deep dives into internet and pop culture topics, with a ton of research, insights, and jokes that absolutely send me. Start with her Milleniold episode for a journey that ranges from 90s nostalgia to one of the best takes on creative work and entrepreneurship out there.

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