From YouTubers to Podcasters

How Allison Raskin and Gaby Dunn went from a YouTube show to podcast.

May 16 · 4 min read

Allison Raskin and Gaby Dunn’s popular YouTube series “Just Between Us” is now a Stitcher Original podcast! We spoke with them to see what it was like moving from YouTube to podcast.

Stitcher: What’s your background? How did you meet?

ALLISON: I came out to LA to get a degree in screenwriting from USC. Many years later when I was 24, Gaby and I met on a sidewalk outside a stand up open mic. Those two things completely changed my life.

GABY: We met doing stand up, on a sidewalk in LA in 2013. We were waiting for an open mic and she approached me because we were the only girls there and she’s also way better at making friends. Because she was so aggressive about friendship, I thought we were in love. She was just trying to hang out. I’d just moved to LA and was trying to transition from journalism to show business. She was a screenwriter, who’d gone to USC and knew more about the industry than me. But I had a bigger fanbase just from Twitter, so we were actually a perfect pair in that we each brought a lot to the table.

Stitcher: What made you want to get into the podcast space?

A: After having a great experience with my first podcast, Gossip, a scripted comedic soap opera, I was finally ready for “Just Between Us” to take on a new form. We’ve grown up a lot since we started the YouTube channel of the same name. Podcasts are a more mature medium than YouTube so it felt right.

G: Ability to talk for longer which lord knows, it sometimes takes me a while to get to the point. I’m also drawn to making more money through ads, because podcasts have figured out how to monetize better than a lot of other mediums. We also felt it was a natural progression from the YouTube show to this longer format because it lets us play more and be more nuanced about the topics we want to cover.

Stitcher: In 5 words, describe Just Between Us.

A: Female odd couple discusses everything.

G: Loving chaos enabling each other.

Stitcher: What’s it like going from a YouTube series to a podcast? Is it easier or harder?

A: I’ve never watched YouTube but I LOVE podcasts, so it’s exciting to finally be creating content in a medium I enjoy. Plus we have incredible producers who take care of all the hard stuff vs. the channel where no one helped us out.

G: It’s easier! It’s so much better. We don’t have to dress up. We can have guests and really get into it with them and ask them deep questions. We get to play games. It’s the best.

Stitcher: What’s your favorite part of doing a podcast?

A: The headphones. They make me feel very official and important.

G: The guests. And probably Allison’s gameshow element. But I also love talking to different people and getting into their lives and their thoughts. I think it helps others too — to hear different opinions and about different people’s lives. So it’s not just us running our mouths anymore.

Stitcher: What have you learned so far?

A: We are nothing without our producers. Also singing “International Question” is way more fun with a backing track thanks to our incredible sound engineer/composer Brendan Byrnes.

G: So much! I’ve even uncovered some of my own opinions about topics that have come up just by being able to talk them out with Allison on air. I’ve learned a lot about confidence from a few of our guests, specifically Jazzmyne Robbins and Kara Brown and Jon Gabrus. It’s so nice to have people on who are so self-assured. I want to study them.

Stitcher: What are you hoping people get out of the podcast?

A: I hope they feel like they’re listening to a couple of friends talking about stuff that matters, whether it be relationships, politics or mental health. Maybe it will make them think about things differently or, even better, make them feel less alone in their own experiences.

G: I hope they feel less alone in whatever they’re going through and I hope they snort-laugh in public.

Stitcher: Are there any topics you are particularly excited to explore?

A: We’ve already hit on a lot of the big ones but I personally think we can never talk enough about dogs.

G: Bisexuality, feminism — we haven’t gotten to it yet but I have a lot to say on domestic violence that I want to get into because I think it’s not talked about enough.

Stitcher: Do you have a dream guest?

A: Nathan Fielder or Michelle Obama.

G: Michelle Obama.

Thanks to Allison and Gaby for taking the time to answer these questions. You can listen to on Stitcher!

Find out even more about Allison and Gaby in this fun video!

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