Introducing Stitcher 8.0 for iOS + New Alexa Skill

Today we’re excited to launch an updated version of our iOS app and the release of a new Alexa skill for the app. This is just the first in a series of major changes on the way — all with the goal of making the app easier to use as well as more stable and reliable. There’s even some discovery and recommendation updates in pipeline as we get further into 2018.

For all you Android users, don’t worry, we are hard at work on a similar refresh!

In the meantime, here’s what’s new for iOS (you can click here to find out how the Alexa skill works):

Redesigned Player

The biggest changes you’ll see are a simplified player view, a new ‘Up Next’ queue, and an updated mini player bar that’ll give you more control of playback as you navigate the app.

Here’s some additional detail about what these changes mean:

  • Direct access to actions like Save Episode (formerly Listen Later), Download, Share and more with a tap of the show art or episode title.
  • AirPlay 2 support which allows you to control playback on multiple speakers. This — along with 2x playback, sleeper timer and car mode — can be found by tapping “…” icon or scrolling down.
  • The ability to add shows to a special section at the top of the ‘Up Next’ area — or add them directly from the ‘Play Next’ action available on the episode information view.
  • Seek forward and backward interval customization by going to Settings>General>Playback Settings.
New: ‘Up Next’ Queue

Redesigned Show Pages

We’ve also simplified our Show Pages to make them easier to read, celebrate the shows visually, and help you discover new favorites via the ‘Listeners Also Like’ area. With these changes you can view the show description by simply tapping the show art — as well as easily add it to your favorites by tapping the “+” button. For most shows in Stitcher Premium, we’ve also made it easier to navigate by Season or by Year. And, you can change the list order from newest to oldest — or vice versa (a soon-to-come feature for non-Premium shows too!)

Tap an episode to view description and options.

Let us know what you think via the Help section in the app or at More updates on the way!

The Stitcher Team