Live Better, Work Better, and Play Better With These Podcasts

Looking for inspiration to improve your life? Listen to these podcasts in our new “Live Better. Work Better. Play Better.” collection.

Whenever I’ve been stumped in life or simply looking for some inspiration, I’ve found podcasts to be an incredible resource. I love having access to hundreds of thousands of shows in my pocket that can give me insight into anything, whether I am doing laundry, cleaning, or commuting.

If I’m trying to figure out how I can be more productive at work, I can listen to shows like the Tim Ferris Show to hear how world renowned leaders get things done. Shows like TED Talks Daily, inspire me to think about problems differently and hear from top minds in any field.

Of course, it can’t all be serious. When I want to blow off some steam and have some fun, I will listen to fun game shows like Dr. Gameshow!

We’ve broken our collection of shows into three categories — Live better, work better, and play better.

Live Better

Want to eat healthier, get motivated to run a few extra minutes on the treadmill, or learn how to meditate? Podcasts like Nutrition Diva, The Daily Breath, and the The Dumbbells are shows you should listen to.

Stitcher tip: Create a live better playlist, so you’ll have quick access to all these shows when you’re in a self-improvement mood!

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Work Better

Trying to find out how you can be more productive at work? Listen to shows like Work Life with Adam Grant or Works For Me, where the hosts try out productivity tricks to see if they even work!

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Play Better

Looking for a little bit of fun? Shows like Tell Me Something I Don’t Know and Ask Me Another allow you to play along and answer trivia questions. Keep that brain sharp!

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-Jeff from the Stitcher Editorial Team