Moms, Aliens, and Babies!

We’re excited to talk about some of the new original shows that we are working on for early this year.

First let’s have a look at our comedy network, Earwolf.

We Called Your Mom: January 30th on Stitcher Premium

Have you ever seen a celebrity and wondered, “I wonder what his or her mom is like? How were they raised?” Comedian, Beth Stelling did. That’s why she’s creating a new podcast called “We Called Your Mom.”

She’s even hosting it with HER MOM! They’ll be dialing up the mom’s of celebs like Seth Rogen, Jonathan Van Ness, and Maria Bamford.

Voyage To The Stars: February 12th

Voyage to the stars…and then find yourself on the wrong side of a wormhole. Oops. That’s what happens in this hilarious narrative improv podcast with a great cast.

“It’s a madcap semi-improvised space adventure with an amazing cast. Colton Dunn, Janet Varney, Steve Berg AND Felicia Day? Unbeatable. If you love Hello From The Magic Tavern but wish there were more alien planets and sarcastic robots, you need to hear this.” — Producer, Josh Richmond

Moving on over to the Stitcher Original’s side of things…

Josie and Jonny Are Having A Baby With You: Out now!

This new Stitcher Original had it’s debut January 18th. It’s a wonderfully charming show featuring two comedians, Josie Long and Jonny Donahue as they try to figure out how to raise a baby. They are not ashamed to admit they have no idea what they are doing, and they need help from their celebrity friends like John Hodgman.

First Day Back: Out Now!

First Day Back returns for a new season! This time they are following standup comedian Jason Weems, who suffered a near fatal asthma attack on stage. Follow him as he tries to come back to comedy and life.

Just Between Us — March 13th

Gaby Dunn and Allison Raskin are turning off the cameras and creating a podcast version of their extremely popular YouTube series “Just Between Us.”

Other things to note:

Unladylike is back with their new season! LeVar Burton Reads will be returning for a new season March 26th! Gaby Dunn’s other podcast “Bad With Money” is joining the Stitcher Originals network, and just in case you missed it, By The Book also joined the Stitcher Originals network.

Give these shows a listen and let us know what you think!

Happy listening!