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NBC Olympic Podcasts Go For Gold

Don’t miss the epic collection of NBC Olympics and NBCLX podcasts throughout the Winter Olympics. Dive right in with The Podium, My New Favorite Olympian, and In The Village bringing you a unique perspective of the winter games like you’d never seen before.

Listen to The Podium hosted by Lauren Shehadi for daily insider coverage during the 2022 Winter Olympic Games in Beijing. Throughout the competition we’ll bring you deep into the stories and events that have defined the Winter Olympics before and those that will shape this Games, plus an intimate look into the unseen details that only the athletes themselves can tell.

Who should you root for throughout the Winter Olympics? Get to know the most inspiring members of Team USA and the causes they champion on My New Favorite Olympian hosted by Apolo Ohno and Ngozi Ekeledo. Hear from the Shibutani’s, Winter Vinecki, Timothy LeDuc and more!

In The Village will take you daily into one of the most exclusive areas of the 2022 Beijing Olympic Games to explore the daily life of athletes as they arrive, train and perform in this unprecedented environment. Join Elizabeth Beisel as she sits down with Olympians each day during Beijing.




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