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Podcasts To Kick Off Your Summer

Stitcher has a plethora of podcasts worth listening to. Each week, we’re giving you new episode recommendations from some of our top shows to help keep you up to speed and ease the pain of the pod discovery process.

How Did This Get Made?

Listen to this perfect summer episode here

F9, the latest Fast and Furious movie is set to make a huge splash this summer at the movies. So it’s only fitting that in order to kick off a perfect summer, you’ll need to not only see this movie, but to experience it alongside four very talented actors. Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael, and Jason Mantzoukas have been hosting How Did This Get Made? since 2010 and since 2011 the crew have been reviewing The Fast and Furious movies each time the franchise releases a new movie. And as always, they invite “resident Fast and Furious expert” Adam Scott on the show. Soon the team will be releasing a brand new episode going over F9, but in the meantime it’s worth your while to take a listen to some previous Fast and Furious discussions including their review of the previous film from the franchise (spinoffs not included, sorry The Rock) The Fate of the Furious spawning questions like “Can you shoot a nuke at a person?” and “If you go to any landmass in the world does Dominic Toretto have a car somewhere?”

Love to See It with Emma and Claire

Listen to the episode here

Love to See It with Emma and Claire is hosted by Emma Gray and Claire Fallon and it’s a podcast where the two hosts not only recap each episode from The Bachelor/Bachelorette universe, but dissect the weird messages and sometimes serious news the shows offer to viewers.

The Bachelorette this season is already considered a perfect summer binge. As Vulture recently pointed out, seeing as we’re still in, but hopefully nearing the end of, a global pandemic, everyone is very horny. it’s “Horny Bach Summer.”. “So it’s only appropriate that for this satyric season, we have Katie, America’s Horniest Bachelorette,” they wrote.

Listening in to hear Emma and Claire not only dissect the latest Bachelorette season together, but do with many special guests is a pretty great way to start your summer.

LeVar Burton Reads

Listen to the episode here

Summer might be all about going out and soaking up as much activity as you can, but it’s also about relaxation. LeVar Burton Reads is always a solid podcast pick if you’re looking to take it easy, as the show’s host, the much beloved and very calming Burton, takes you on a journey with each new episode, reading from a new handpicked piece of short fiction every week.

“I love a story that brings a little joy and wonder to my day,” Burton says in the latest episode. In the most recent show Burton reads “The Bank of Burkina Faso” by Ekaterina Sedia a story that centers around spammy Nigerian prince type of emails being real.

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