“Spanish Aquí Presents” on Celebrating Latinx Culture Through Podcasting

Oct 22, 2019 · 3 min read
Raiza, Oscar, Tony and Carlos of Spanish Aquí Presents

We spoke to the hosts of Spanish Aquí Presents to learn about adapting their live comedy show into a podcast and what it means to be able to celebrate their Latinx culture through podcasting.

Stitcher: Explain Spanish Aquí Presents.

SAP: Spanish Aquí Presents, or S.A.P., is a bilingual comedy group made up of four Latinx performers: Raiza Licea, Tony Rodríguez (both Cubans from Miami), Oscar Montoya (Colombian from NYC), and Carlos Santos (Puerto Rican). SAP, whose name is a twist on the ‘Secondary Audio Programming’ button on remote controls, has been performing to sold-out audiences at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in L.A. for almost 2 years in their monthly all-Latinx variety show. Earlier this year, they launched the first and only Latinx podcast at Earwolf.

Stitcher: What challenges have you faced adapting a live show to a podcast?

SAP: The biggest challenge was probably adapting to not having a live audience to perform their improv for. We’ve adapted quickly though, by realizing that making each other (and our special guest) laugh is hopefully the best way a podcast listener would enjoy the show as well.

Stitcher: What’s your favorite part of recording a podcast?

SAP: Hands down the best part has been the response from Latinx listeners of all types. Our live audiences are super supportive and we’ve found a podcast audience equally hungry and enthusiastic for comedy and conversation in their Idioma. We are happy to be able to talk about issues that are affecting the Latinx community as a whole and personally.

Also, we feel lucky to be able to talk to guests who are doing amazing things within the Latinx community and allies for people of color.

Stitcher: Do you have a dream guest?

SAP: We are a varied group so we have many dream guests. But among them would be Lin Manuel Miranda, Jennifer Lopez, and Bad Bunny.

Stitcher: What are you hoping people get out of the show?

SAP: If they are Latinx, feeling like they’re being ‘seen’ and celebrated. For everyone, hopefully, we are doing a good enough job that we can enlighten, entertain and show how diverse the Latinx experience is. For non-Spanish speakers, maybe they’ll a learn a little of our Idioma.

We want people to feel like they are a part of our family and to know they can listen to our podcast when dealing with Latinx issues. We’ve already had people reaching out to us who appreciate the different types of Latinx voices we represent: straight Latino, straight Latina, queer/gay afro Latinx and half Latino.

Stitcher: Where do you hope to see the future of podcasting to go?

SAP: The success of podcasting has probably been in large part to niche audiences finding themselves or their interests in this ever-expanding platform. We’re excited to see how much further under-represented voices get to reach large podcast audiences with their stories and experiences. We’ve only just begun. Also, we want to tour and perform for our fans live!

Stitcher: What advice would you give to people wanting to start a podcast?

SAP: ¡Hágalo ya! We can’t wait to hear what you have to say!

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