Stitcher + Apple AirPlay 2

We’re excited to announce that Stitcher will support Apple’s new AirPlay 2 functionality unveiled today at WWDC17. Apple’s AirPlay 2 is the sequel to its original wireless audio streaming protocol and adds multi-room synchronized streaming support, including third-party app support. More than half of Stitcher listeners listen to podcasts in their homes already, and AirPlay 2 helps us provide an even more robust and immersive listening experience for them.

With this integration, Stitcher listeners will have access to functionality that will make listening to podcasts at home even easier, including being able to select which speaker or room they want to stream their favorite podcasts to, listening to the same podcast in multiple rooms so they don’t miss a word, quickly turning podcast episodes on or off as they move about their home, all from within the Stitcher app they already know and love.

Look for AirPlay 2 integration in an upcoming release, along with other new features and improvements to the Stitcher app. We have lots in store for you this year! Thanks as well to Apple for including us in the announcement today. We can’t wait to bring this powerful and convenient new feature to our listeners.