Stitcher is now available for the Amazon Echo!

Own an Amazon Echo yet? If you don’t, you should — it’s an amazing device for your home that responds to your voice and does everything from play music to turn on your lights. We’re big fans at Stitcher and are excited to announce that you can now add Stitcher to your Flash Briefing news summary!

The Flash Briefing feature lets you ask your Echo “What’s the news today?” and have it respond with headline news from a variety of sources — now including Stitcher! To add Stitcher to your Flash Briefing:

  1. Open Amazon’s Echo app Alexa on your phone and select “Settings”

2. From the Settings screen, tap “Flash Briefing”

3. At the top of the Flash Briefing settings screen, select “Get more Flash Briefing content”

4. On the Flash Briefing content screen, either scroll to find Stitcher or use the search box at the top of the screen. Tap Stitcher.

5. On the Stitcher skill page, tap “Enable Skill” and you’re done!

Next time you ask Alexa for the news you’ll hear headlines from premier sources like NPR, USA Today, Associated Press and more, similar to those you currently see on your Front Page in the Stitcher app, updated multiple times per day!

If you want to send us feedback on how it’s working for you, have suggestions for the type of content you’d like to hear in Flash Briefing or anything else, shoot us an email at