Stitcher’s New Look

Notice something different today? Perhaps a small change to our logo and colors? You’re not seeing things, we promise. Stitcher has a new look and feel. A bit more modern, a bit bolder. Representative of the continuing evolution of podcasting, yet still harkening back to our roots. (You’ll also notice some big changes to the iOS version of the app rolling out over the next few weeks — with Android updates not far behind!)

It’s our roots in this industry that we’re most proud of. Over a decade ago, we pioneered a podcast listening platform for everyone. Making it easy to listen to the shows you know and love, as well as helping you discover new entertainment, education and inspiration — whether you use an Android or iOS device. We were among the first to integrate into cars (over 50 models, in fact) and we’ve also developed a skill for the Alexa smart speakers…with more to come on that front.

We’ve given creators a way to build their audiences and get paid for what they love to do. In 2016, we joined forces with Midroll Media and the Earwolf comedy network. Together, we’ve paid podcasters nearly $100 million for their work. Your listening makes that happen, and we’re beyond grateful for it.

Lest we neglect to toot our own creative horns, we’ve also been making our own podcasts — in partnership with many, many talented hosts, producers, and sound engineers — including hits like Heaven’s Gate, Katie Couric, and LeVar Burton Reads, over the past 18 months. Stitcher Originals, we like to call them.

Alongside all this, we’ve been investing in the app. Updates that make it easier to listen to your favorite shows, stream or download them more quickly and even search by both show and episode titles. Today’s iOS release literally moves the app’s navigation options to your fingertips, making it easier for you to get to what you want with fewer taps. Similar updates are on their way for Android.

The new look embodies our history and where we’re headed in the future. The bars are reminiscent of sound. The colors are meant to be energetic and exciting, and together they demonstrate our commitment to all listeners, all creators and all types of podcasts. Used as mirrors of one another, they can create a “window” that opens up into the podcast world.

We’re excited to open that window as wide as it can get and bring you the best podcasting has to offer — the shows, the hosts and the best listening experience.