It’s a podcast about podcasts: The Big Listen from NPR

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More than 65,000 shows. That’s a lot of shows! That’s why we’re excited about NPR’s newest podcast, The Big Listen. There are podcasts about how to make a podcast. Then there’s The Big Listen, which is about as meta as a podcast can get: it’s a podcast about podcasts.

It’s actually already in its second season; last season was originally produced by affiliate station WAMU in the D.C. area before NPR picked it up for national distribution. Each week, host Lauren Ober offers up a generous serving of “podcast delights,” introducing you to hosts you may or may not already know, helping you discover more of the tens of thousands of quality shows out there today (and available for listening right here on Stitcher!).

As they succinctly put it, “The Big Listen helps you curate your perfect playlist.” What’s great is if you’re listening to the show on Stitcher (and your hands are free), you can look up show recommendations and save those that pique your interest in real time.

Episodes 1–6 are available now. Take a listen and tell them what you think: @hearbiglisten & @oberandout (feel free to tell us, too: @stitcher)

Or leave them a voice message with your podcast recommendations:

Happy listening!