Your Commute Just Got A Lot More Interesting

If you’re like us, you listen to a podcast every time you hop in your car to go anywhere. They can actually make you look forward to driving somewhere (imagine that!).

That’s why we are excited that Stitcher is now integrated with Waze. What does that mean? Now, it will be easier than ever before to play podcasts on the road while you are navigating.

Waze is an amazing community-powered mobility app that keeps you on the best route — and now you can use inside the Waze app!

Seek and skip through your podcasts without having to take your eyes off the map and road. You’ll also be able to view directions while in Stitcher too!

To get started make sure you’ve downloaded the latest update to Stitcher and Waze. Then all you have to do is sync Stitcher to Waze one time. Tap the music note icon on your map, then tap the Stitcher icon and select connect. It’s that easy!

We hope this update makes your commute more productive, fun, and a little easier to navigate.

See you on the road!

— The Stitcher Team