Introducing STK: a new cryptocurrency for instant payments at point of sale

Nearly a decade ago, the creation of cryptocurrencies promised to democratize money and free consumers from the frustrations associated with traditional financial services. Since then, Bitcoin, Ethereum and their siblings have seen rapid growth, achieving circulations rivalling many national currencies. Despite the early enthusiasm, one step remains in realizing its full potential — the ability to pay for everyday purchases easily, instantly and directly from a cryptocurrency wallet.

The status quo

Currently, no established credit or debit cards allow you to hold or transact with cryptocurrencies. Without payment gateway support, most merchants are unable to accept cryptocurrency in-store or online. Building out such a network from scratch would take years and be prohibitively expensive.

We have a better idea.

The future of finance

At STK, we’re working towards a better future of finance. A new and revolutionary set of financial services — bringing the freedom and autonomy of cryptocurrencies together with the speed and convenience of existing payment solutions.

Through a partnership with STACK, a new personal finance app, we’ve created a platform to enable instant cryptocurrency payments at points of sale. Together, we’re working towards the first seamless integration of cryptocurrency into a mainstream financial services solution, delivered right from your smartphone.

Today we’re happy to announce the STK token, enabling instant cryptocurrency payments at points of sale. The first implementation of the STK token will be through STACK, providing users the ability to add cryptocurrency to their STACK digital wallet, facilitating real-time transactions at worldwide retailers using existing point of sale equipment.

Come and join us

We are crowd-funding this project through the sale of STK tokens, developed in collaboration with industry experts. During our Token Generation Event on October 25th we will generate and sell a fixed number of STK tokens. You can hold STK tokens in your own Ethereum wallet. You can also sell or trade them at any time (after the TGE) through your preferred exchange. The value of STK tokens may vary over time as demand changes.

You can check out all the details on our Token Generation Sale here.

Stay with us as we continue to evolve the future of finance. And check us out at for all the details on what’s coming next.