STK joins the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance

We are very proud to announce that STK has joined the world’s largest open-source blockchain initiative — Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA).

Our vision is to create a globally accessible alternative to traditional banking, allowing you to store your money safely and transact with it anywhere, in any currency including cryptocurrencies. The STK token, integrated through the STACK app, allows users to pay using cryptocurrency as easily as they would a credit card or cash. The STK token will be implemented on the public Ethereum blockchain as an ERC20 token. Joining the EEA will provide an opportunity to validate and verify our platform and technology through access to leading research, industry experts and collaborative discussion.

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance is the world’s largest open-source blockchain initiative, formed to evolve Ethereum so that it can serve as an enterprise-grade technology. EEA connects industry innovators with Fortune 100 companies to facilitate research and development focused on privacy, confidentiality, scalability and security.

You can read more on our partnership here. As always, join the discussion anytime on our social and community channels: Telegram, Twitter, Discord and Reddit.