Finally Getting His Shot

Chase Edwards. Photo by Nathan Somerfield

Chase “Zietys” Edwards is a Call of Duty player who is described as the next up and coming talent by his coaches within the Pro League, and he is finally getting his chance to show the world what he is made of.

Growing up in San Jose, Ca, Edwards first starting playing travel hockey with the San Jose Jr. Sharks where he spent almost a decade wearing the teal and white jersey. When he was 15 years old he discovered his knack for inline hockey and quickly joined the professional ranks where he even moved to France and played internationally for a few months.

“Goodbye @Zietys.” Video by Chase Edwards

Professional inline hockey was not where his passion was. On November 9, 2010, Edward’s found Call of Duty: Black Ops and instantly fell in love. A natural shot, Edwards would impress the eSports community with flashy YouTube montages and even more slick snipe flicks.

“Zietys” Snipe Clip. Video by: Zack Shukait

His rise to fame within the sniping community was quicker than he thought. Getting the opportunity to play under eRa Eternity, a top tier sniping team and he even had been scouted by other prominent teams. After sniping for a little over six years, Edwards shifted his focus to competitive play but the road there has been paved with obstacles.

The eSports community, specifically the Call of Duty community, is known to be toxic and a hard place to gain a footing if you aren’t part of the right crowd. For Edwards though, it wasn’t just the online community he was battling though, even some close friends haven’t had his back since the switch.

“He is that kid. I love it he’s so humbled and sometimes he’ll snap and be like I smoked that guy then be like sorry. It’s all good and (we are) glad to have him I really believe he can make it far in pro Call of Duty, he does stuff I’ve never seen before.” His coach, who for safety and privacy reasons will be noted as “Sayso,” has spoken highly of Edwards though.

Zietys Headshot. Photo by Nathan Somerfield

Edwards currently plays for the Rough Riders but has been loaned out to Set Gaming for the upcoming Call of Duty World League Open Bracket Tournament in Anaheim, Ca., June 14–16. This will be his first chance at the Pro League scene and the first chance to be scouted.

“His attitude, his overall demeanor for Call of Duty, it's more centralized than it has been in the past,” his manager wrekl3ss said. “He approached his CoD career the same way he approached his hockey skill. Seeing him take it that seriously, it was only a matter of time before he had his shot.”

With Edwards practicing regularly with Set and a group of friends and teammates that have his back, Edwards is trying to make a name for himself at the upcoming Call of Duty World League Tournament. Fans can watch all the action live at the Anaheim Convention Center or on official Call of Duty Twitch channel.