How To Check Your Reward Points Balance On The Go With The Free Stocard App

For now on, our free Stocard App allows its users to access their reward points balance among with all their loyalty cards. We are proud to be the first loyalty app to offer such a feature for multiple loyalty programs around the world.

Smart shoppers receive a balance statement from their loyalty program via email or mail every other month to learn how many points they have earned. These letters usually find their way into the (virtual) trash bin rather quickly. Wouldn’t it be nice to have real-time access to your points balance anytime you want? Even though some retailers offer access to your customer account online, it is not as convenient as it could be. Today’s mobile shoppers are always on their smartphones while bargain hunting. Therefore, we are glad to offers our users a brand-new feature, which allows them to access their reward points balance right at the palm of their hand alongside with all their loyalty cards and coupons. After we helped de-clutter their wallets and never miss out on any rewards, we will help them keep an overview of all their rewards, too.

1.) Select the card (in this case “Air Miles”) from your card list in Stocard.

To find out about one’s current points balance you select the card entry from your card list. Then, press the button “Show points balance”. After entering your log-in data the app retrieves your points balance and displays it alongside with your card.

2.) Press the “Show points balance” button, enter your log-in data and view your current point balance.

Stocard will update your displayed points balance every time you shop. Please note that it might take some time for your reward points to be credited to your account. From now on, shoppers will know exactly how many rewards points they need for the next reward.

Multiple loyalty programs from around the world will be featured. The most popular ones include Boots Advantage Card from the UK, s.Oliver Card from Germany and Qantas Frequent Flyer for Australia. Users from Canada can check their points from Air Miles, PC Plus and Hudson’s Bay Rewards. We expect to be able to deliver this feature to other programs and regions soon, as well.

After adding support for the Apple Wallet, this feature is another important step to make Stocard the go-to destination on your smartphone for smart mobile shopping.

About Stocard
We are Europe’s most popular rewards app with over six million users and a rapidly growing fan base in North America and Australia. With our free smartphone app we want to make collecting rewards easier than ever to create a truly comfortable shopping experience for everyone.

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