RISE: Invest like a Billionaire!?

Interview with Stefan Tittel — CEO of Rise

Which problem is RISE trying to solve?

In today’s capital markets, retail investors are consistently losing out to institutional investors in both traditional and crypto markets. Our goal in expanding our services from traditional asset trading is to level the playing field and provide equal access to our proven AI trading strategies and mobile-first RISE app, regardless of net-worth.

We believe every investor should be able to access the best and most efficient technology to have the opportunity to maximize the profit from their capital investments. You can learn more at Rise.eco.

What was your biggest challenge so far launching your Security Token?

I’d say time. The Security Token market is nascent and there aren’t many guidelines or examples out there to follow, so we’ve had to navigate strategically to remain compliant with strict German legislation. To do this, we work closely with a large law firm which specializes in Security Token structuring and have been in close discussion with various regulators, from day one. This process has taken more time than a traditional ICO could take but we believe the benefits of this added layer of protection and structure will pay off.

Why did you choose a STO as a means to raise funds?

RISE is a German-based company and we are a German-based team. It was never in our plan to take the easy way out, registering in Liechtenstein or Malta. At the same time, the market and investor focus began shifting in favor of regulation and compliant investment opportunities in blockchain and crypto. It was the ideal time to become a first-mover and create a Security Token compliant to German regulation.The STO will finance the buildout of RISE’s trading technology and allow us to share any success we may have with our loyal community.

Why should I purchase RISE Tokens and what are my rights and risks as an owner?

RISE(RSE) tokens offer a long-term passive income stream for token-holders, derived from various revenue sources. Rise plans to pay out dividends derived from algorithm performance, license fees and optional leveraged investments. The Rise algorithms allow investors to diversify their holdings with automated algorithms in cryptocurrencies as well as traditional asset classes. Not only that but our tokens are very unique in that it will pay our token holders quarterly dividends as part of the smart contract.

Investors will also be entitled to a 20% share of all algorithm licensing revenues. This already includes revenue from large institutional investors, family offices and international corporations such as Europe’s fastest growing life insurance company, Liechtenstein Life Assurance AG, and stock-exchange listed BayWa AG, which are currently licensing our trading systems through our partner company QUANTUMROCK Capital.

All RSE token-holders will also have the option to invest their tokens into Crypto Traded Funds, or CTFs. These funds will be a completely new innovation developed by RISE. Depending on the risk/return profile you are looking for, you will be able to select CTFs which are purely crypto investments, a mix of crypto investments and traditional asset classes like bonds or oil futures, or only traditional Wall Street asset classes — most of which are only accessible to retail investors via RISE CTFs.

Who is eligible to purchase RISE Tokens?

Investors of all nations are free to invest with the following restrictions. Only accredited investors from the U.S. are allowed to participate. In China, only Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan are allowed to participate. The Democratic People‘s Republic of Korea, Iran, and Yemen are restricted as well. Some countries may require minimum investments.

When will I be able to sell / trade RISE Tokens? On which exchanges?

The RISE application will support a handful of exchanges at the start, with plans to add 20+ exchange connections like HitBTC, Bitfinex and others. We are in active negotiations and will have announcements in the coming weeks. We are very confident that we will have at least one exchange for the STO available.

What would you recommend others, who are planning to do an STO?

It takes a village. An STO caters to everyone from the crypto enthusiasts who may care more about the technology and blockchain solution your company is proposing to the institutional investors who may care more about your team’s expertise and past exits. This requires you to engage two different audiences and have a well-rounded approach. Despite having a proven track record within multiple companies that have been successfully built and sold for over 200 million USD, we have had to work closely with attorneys who specialize in Security Token structuring and have been in close discussion with regulators. We have also engaged strong marketing and PR resources internationally and have conducted a traditional investor roadshow to put RISE in the optimal position for success.

Where do you see the biggest challenge for RISE in the next 5 years?

Security Tokens attract the traditional investor along with the crypto enthusiast because the terms and opportunities look more familiar. I’d say our biggest challenge is educating the traditional investor and informing the broader public of the positive changes and protection Security Tokens offer investors. ICOs unfortunately became associated with scams which is why the more regulated STO is becoming more and more favorable. The STO market is predicted to become a multi-trillion dollar industry by 2020. Everyone in the space needs to work together to maintain its integrity and growth as an industry and steer it in the right direction.

Who is your favorite super or real-life hero?

The first one that comes to mind is Black Panther because he, like RISE, opens technology that was once reserved for a select few people, to the masses.

Thank you for the Interview!

Note: This interview was conducted on 07.11.2018