Why should I tokenize my Real Estate?

Interview with Stephane De Baets — founder and President of Elevated Returns LLC, which is tokenizing the St. Regis Aspen Resort — a luxury asset in Aspen, Colorado.

1.Which problem is the Aspen Digital Token trying to solve?

We want to bring liquidity to the real estate asset class. If we are successful in doing this, people will change their saving behavior and keep their savings in asset backed coins rather than money .

2. Why did you choose to tokenize the St. Regis Aspen Resort?

We own it, it is a super sexy asset, everyone knows it. We priced it very conservatively, it is truly a proof of concept and this transaction will be the first of many. We have lined up a pipeline of $2–3 billion of other assets to tokenize.

3. What is your biggest challenge so far?

Making sure that every step we do is compliant. Since this is a first, there is no roadmap.

4. Why should I buy Real Estate from you via an STO and not in the traditional way?

First of foremost, you can buy a small piece of it without having to buy the whole hotel. Secondly, the tokens will be listed on a US SEC compliant exchange on Templum. Thirdly, it gives you the benefit of crypto assets but offers downside protection

5. What are my rights and risks as an owner of your token? Are they different from traditional ownership rights/risks?

It is the same as traditional share ownership.

6. Who is eligible to purchase your digital tokens?

Accredited investors subject to their jurisdiction securities regulations.

7. On which exchanges are you planning to be listed? When do you think this will be?

The tokens will be listed on Templum. We may include other exchanges later.

8. What was the biggest learning you made during the last year?

There is no quick automated to tokenize real estate. Having lenders, operators, rating agencies, servicer giving their consent is a very lengthy process. It is exciting to be one of the first but it takes a lot of patience.

9. Where do you see the Security Token Ecosystem in 5 years?

It will dwarf any other asset class. STOs will replace money.

10. Who is your favorite super or real-life hero?

My wife Sabrina. Trust me, it takes a lot to handle me day and night

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Note: This interview was conducted on 05.09.2018