Accelerating our cheese obsession with new facilities, a growing team and Marie!

Despite the almost-daily launches of new 🧀 products made from plants, there’s still no product that can truly hook a dairy cheese eater. At the Dreamery, we believe the bar needs to constantly be raised and that we have to be even more ambitious. Three years in, we’ve made tremendous progress and we continue to accelerate our obsession — and here’s an update and what we’ve got fermenting!

The Stockeld Leadership team from the left: Sorosh (CEO), Ali (Supply Chain), Marie (joining CTO), Katarina (Marketing), Jonna (People), Marcus (Sales) and Sebastian (CFO)

Things have been moving fast here. 18m ago we were only 4 people in the company and today we are 30 proud Dreamers and Doers where half of the company are obsessed with making cheeses that we would be proud to share and crave to eat. This amazing group is made of fermentation specialists, PhDs, chefs, dairy experts, scientists, protein nerds, process engineers and other challengers on a mission.

In order to give ourselves the best possible environment and context to be successful we are in a few weeks moving into 900m2 new facilities where we combine office space, food labs and a badass kitchen (stay tuned). Our new pilot facility in Nacka outside of Stockholm is also becoming operational soon to faster understand how we can make our products for the many.

And finally, we are today announcing that Marie Dobenesque will join our Dreamery in June as Chief Technology Officer to lead all this work. Marie brings close to 20 years of industry experience from a variety of companies (mainly Danone and Unilever) and contexts. She was most recently running the Global Research and Innovation team for Baby Foods at Danone in the NL, leading a team of 40 in 5 different locations. Marie is relocating to Stockholm from the Netherlands with her family. And she can’t wait to make dairy lovers become obsessed with the next generation cheese!



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Sorosh Tavakoli

Sorosh Tavakoli


Founder & CEO Stockeld Dreamery | Founder of Videoplaza (sold in 2014) | Based in Stockholm after 6 yrs in London & New York