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Romeo Power, recently caught in the SPACs pullback, is an informed Investors dream stock.

Romeo Power was founded in 2014 by former Tesla and former SpaceX employees. They set their focus on the following key markets in energy storage: Commercial Vehicles including trucks, buses, medium, and heavy-duty commercial vehicles as well as high-performance vehicles.

Today Romeo Power is officially a publicly-traded company. The official decision arrived at a special meeting held by the stockholders of RMG on December 28, 2020. So as of today, Romeo Power’s shares of common stock trade on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol ‘RMO.’

In the recent week of the merger and as the 2020 year came to a close there was a pullback or market decline in SPAC’s (Blank Check) equities as a whole. Because of the RMG merger timing, and many investors still relating Romeo Power to the SPAC sector, The new RMO ticker was affected in the sector decline.

In fact, RMO has been Following close in line with another successful SPAC merger, and now publicly listed company, QuantumScape. As similar as the two companies trading charts may appear with their recent ups and downs, They are very different companies and as a reminder, neither is a SPAC any longer.

Unlike QuantumScape, which has only their technology at this time, and a 2025 forecast of potential production, Romeo Power is a California-based battery technology company that is already a leader in the EV battery market and has more than $545 million in contracted revenues across its diverse and growing set of customers.

Romeo Power is already delivering simplified, electrification solutions for medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicles such as battery management systems, modules and packs and doing so “in house” at its 113,000 square-foot manufacturing facility.

Prior to the merger even completing, BTIG Initiated Coverage with a Buy Rating and Announced a Price Target of $40. The initial $40 price target is said to be a modestly low valuation. Initial coverage price targets are often set as a base for further coverage.

Romeo Power also already has the support of key strategic investors, including BorgWarner, a large, tier-one automotive supplier with whom it has a joint venture, and Republic Services and The Heritage Group, both leaders in the environmental, recycling and waste removal industries. RMO will play a key role in Republic’s efforts to stock up on electric-powered waste hauling trucks.

The phoenix-based Republic Services is one of the largest waste management companies in the United States and one of seven companies permitted to haul trash and recyclables from commercial buildings in the city of Los Angeles. In August, the company announced a partnership with Nikola Corp., under which Republic will purchase 2,500 electric trucks.

That deal, however, only represents a fraction of Republic’s fleet of more than 16,000 vehicles. This is to be considered in future demand for RMO even beyond their 2022 projections.

Recently speaking on the merger completion and the new publicly traded RMO, Lionel Sherwood Junior, CEO of Romeo Power, said, “We are very excited about completing our merger with RMG. At this inflexion point, where regulation is driving electrification across the commercial vehicle industry, and adjacent sectors, Romeo Power’s energy technology is ready to meet the demand.”

Already sitting with over $545 million in contracted revenues and backorders, Romeo Power is not new to the business of EV batteries, but rather a leader in the industry. Romeo Power has already been delivering electrification solutions to the medium and heavy-duty commercial vehicles sector nation-wide.

With their impressive projected growth rate forecast from 2021 through 2025 taken into consideration, RMO appears from every angle to be a steal at the initial target $40 per share.

So for toady’s attentive and informed investors that can, and already have separated the “RMG” SPAC ticker from the “RMO” ticker, today’s share price is at a huge discount.

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