Stocks.Bet Bounty Program

During this bounty program, Stocks.Bet provide compensation for a number of tasks spread across marketing, bug reporting and improving aspects of the project.

The reward is in the STBT Token.

Link to the STBT Token on Etherscan:

What are STBT Tokens?

Stocks.Bet will generate a new cryptocurrency token (symbol STBT) in the Ethereum ecosystem to support our service and fund our initial operations, which includes development, marketing, and technological infrastructure.

6,250,000 STBT tokens will be allocated for the bounty program to be distributed to everyone who supports Stocks.Bet before and during our token sale campaign.

To earn and receive STBT, you should perform as many bounty tasks as you want by following the requirements below and submitting a bounty reward request form for each task you performed.

Bug Reporting Bounties

25,000 STBT — Critical bugs that enable stealing user funds,
12,500 STBT — High bugs that lock user funds,
2,500 STBT — Smaller bugs.

Stocks.Bet DAPP contract deployed on Ropsten Testnet
Link to the DAPP:

Please report bug bounty submissions to or add issue to our Github.

Social Media Campaign Bounties

This involves activities that promote the Stocks.Bet on the social media accounts of participants.

You can click Share / Tweet Buttons on the top of the page or you can retweet news marked with #StocksBet from our official account within 5 days after their publication and not later, and do not delete them until the ICO ends.
Each retweet or share will earn you the following amount of STBT:

1 STBT — 30 followers and less,
10 STBT — 31-100 followers,
25 STBT — 101-250 follower,
60 STBT — 251-1000 followers,
120 STBT — 1001-10000 followers,
250 STBT — 10001 followers and more.

Article Writing / Video review Bounties

This is for participants who have own blogs or video channels. The rewards will be dependent on the engagement level of content.
Create video review and send us url to your channel.
Write a post about in any language, with at least 1000 characters and containing link to
We’ll class each article as:
100 STBT — standard, 
250 STBT — nice,
1000 STBT — extraordinary.

Results of job, please, Send to Form.

Сatch your luck with ;)