How To Create A Strong Watchlist

StockSwipe is a trading app with unique features such as a Trending Cloud, News, Cards with user sentiment, charting, and Watchlist. What follows is how to develop a stock ticker watchlist via StockSwipe’s easy navigation.

The StockSwipe app MarketView, main window, shows various features available.

Ticker Stream

The Ticker Stream at the very top shows current market statistics. Watch awhile and one never seems to see the same symbol in a short time span… A user can tap on a symbol to see its Card.

Trending Cloud

The Trending Cloud shows current stock tickers popular on Twitter. StockSwipe uses its unique algorithm to show a user current buzz worthy stocks.

Clicking on a ticker from the cloud, shown below, gives a stock chart from TradingView that can be customized. The Stream and Profile are also available from a stock card.

The Stream shows the recent Tweets about a company.

The Profile shows stats about the company such as PE, EPS, Dividend Yield, and analyst ratings.

MarketView: Adding Ticker To Watchlist

So how do we add a ticker from the MarketView? Ace Green, StockSwipe developer, has added an easy way to so. Tap and long hold on a ticker from the Trending Cloud. The user will be presented a pop screen to choose either Short or Long sentiment.

Back in the MarketView we can see Cards, Watchlist, and Settings remain.


The Cards view is StockSwipe’s proprietary random selected tickers presented to a user for trading target possibilities.

Just wait under a minute for it to load…

Ahhh, there we are. Our first Card to analyze!

So, is $CANE worthy an add to the Watchlist? A user will have to use technical analysis by looking at the TradingView chart to decide. But wait, StockSwipe’s trading sentiment on each Card may help persuade a decision. Notice the red down arrow and green arrow icons with numbers on the lower right of a Card. That tells a user how many users have voted a particular sentiment. A user will have to choose a sentiment or else lose the Card for future viewing.

Swipe up to Skip the Card your on and get a new Card…

Or, swipe left to choose Short…

Or perhaps, swipe right to choose Long…

Once a Card is in the Watchlist more research can be done within StockSwipe’s abilities via Watchlist. You just completed the second way to add a stock ticker to your Watchlist!


The Watchlist view is similar to MarketView in that the Chart, Stream, and Profile can be accessed from a Card once selected from the Watchlist.

The Chart can be shared on Twitter via the camera icon in the top right. The Chart can also be customized with various indicators and overlays.


StockSwipe is a great trading app to find current stocks to trade and build a watchlist. Use the MarketView and/or Cards to save stock cards to the watchlist. View the watchlist any time to do further research, chart analysis, and see user sentiment.

Check out StockSwipe for free and share with your friends!

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Happy trading!

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