💡Trade Ideas — $BABA, $HD, $WMT, $CRM, $CSCO, $TSLA

May 15, 2017

Need some trading ideas to get the week started? We’ve got you covered! This is our weekly issues May 15 — May 19 where we go over macro economics, economic calendar, upcoming earnings and and list a few trade ideas.


The US stock market had been volatile the past couple of weeks. Many analysts are calling for a short-term bull ride and that long-term is due for a sizable correction. No specifics of when the correction will occur though.

Energy, Financial, and Technology sectors look to continue gains this week.

Favorite ETFs

$SPY — Chart analysis shows this S&P 500 ETF ready to bounce.

$GLD — The uptrend for gold valuation started last week amid equity volatility. $GLD chart analysis shows a nice uptrend starting with bullish continuation this week.

$USO — This oil ETF bounced off its $9.50 support as expected, and looks to continue this week.

Economic Calendar

Earnings Calendar

$BABA — Alibaba Group Holding Limited

$BABA has its ER 5/18/17 and generally beats expectations. The company’s stock has been on a bullish run the past few month and another ER beat could keep the momentum.

Catalyst- Pre-ER

Trade- BUY $125.00 May 19, 2017 Calls

$HD — The Home Depot, Inc.

$HD has its ER 5/16/17 and has a five year history of beating expectations. The home improvement industry has been improving in 2017.

Catalyst- Pre-ER

Trade- BUY $160.00 May 19, 2017 Calls

$WMT — Wal-Mart Stores Inc.

$WMT has its ER 5/18/17. Analysts expect a beat as most retailers have been reporting misses.

Catalyst- Pre-ER

Trade- BUY $77.00 May 19, 2017 Calls

$CRM — salesforce.com, Inc.

$CRM has its ER 5/18/17 and has a mixed history of beating expectations. Analysts expect lower profit than same quarter last year, and the company barely posts a profit per share.

Catalyst- Pre-ER

Trade- BUY $85.00 May 19, 2017 Puts

$CSCO — Cisco Systems, Inc.

$CSCO has its ER 5/17/17 and generally beats or meets expectations the past five years. Chart analysis shows a possible double bottom pattern which generally results in a bounce.

Catalyst- Pre-ER

Trade- BUY $34.00 May 19, 2017 Calls

$TSLA — Tesla Motors, Inc.

$TSLA has been a trading idea for three weeks in a row. Chart analysis shows a double top and generally falls after completion.

Catalyst- Technical trade

Trade- BUY $310.00 May 19, 2017 Puts

Happy trading!


This is not an investment advisory, and should not be used to make investment decisions. Information in All Things Stocks is often opinionated and should be considered for information purposes only. No stock exchange anywhere has approved or disapproved of the information contained herein. There is no express or implied solicitation to buy or sell securities. The charts provided here are not meant for investment purposes and only serve as technical examples. Don’t consider buying or selling any stock without conducting your own due diligence.

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