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Earnings season and a few things to learn

Traders might look for clues in how a stock trades before it reports earnings. Investors might only care about a few key earnings metrics related to their long-term investments. Earnings season has a different meaning for everyone, and that’s why you will want to read through this discussion.

Risking everything or how a trader could lose $2.5 million

There’s a story being shared on the $AAPL stream. It’s about a trader who inherited $2.5 million several years ago but now could lose it all. He’s making one giant bet and putting everything on the line. He says Apple is going to crash after earnings.

A new marketing world

Uber is not yet a public company. It’s still expected to be one of the biggest IPOs in recent memory. But are politics and Trump starting to hurt its valuation?

The earnings Super Bowl

Apple earnings are scheduled this Tuesday at 4:30 PM ET. How does a CFA prepare for this? John Moschella of Gutenberg Research has a video to show you.

Barron’s goes all in

If you missed the recent cover of Barron’s, it’s time you saw it.