Bodega is now Stockwell

Did you buy something today from a Bodega? You may have noticed that we’ve changed our name to Stockwell. Our new name is one of the changes we’re making as we expand our offerings and open more stores around the country.

Coming up with a name for what we do — bringing every day essentials to consumers quickly and easily — was a challenge. The inspiration for our former name, Bodega, was, we thought, an homage to the local corner store, the people who ran it, and their place in our collective conscious. We were wrong. We reviewed the feedback thoughtfully and ultimately decided that our new name, Stockwell, was a better expression of our mission and our unique offering to consumers — a store open 24 hours, filled with the things they need, located right where they live, work and play.

Over the next weeks and months you’ll see our evolution into Stockwell, including an incredible new app for shopping with us. We’ll continue to celebrate small, local brands and also bring you products you know and trust. And of course, Stockwell will personalize your store to fit your community’s needs.

Download the new Stockwell app and visit this blog to learn about the new brands we’ve discovered and plan to bring to you soon.