This morning text was by Marcus. Aurelius about a man named Maximus and what he has learned from him. He talks about what qualities you need to have and how you should look at life in order to be a perfectly moral and ethically harmonious man. (Man being human not male) the qualities and values he states in this text would result in a very mind, understanding and ideal person however for a human to put every one of them into practise at all times would be a near impossible feat. Humans are not meant to be perfect, we have flaws and imperfections. Greed, hate, anger, suspicion are all things no man can completely expel from their character. Despite this, it is in ones best to follow or at least try to aspire to these virtues and to use them effectively in their day to day life.

Todays theme deals with role models. In the summary it says to mentally prepare yourself, imagining yourself acting more like your role models and adopting the virtues which make them a person you look up to. Some of my role models would be people like Stephen hawking, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and Bill Nye. All of these men have done great things for the scientific community and how it is seen by the world, whether it be through revolutionary breakthroughs in the fields dealing with blackholes, space and time, helping classify planets in and around our solar system, or thrust forward science into mainstream media and the public through the use of Tv shows. One quality all these people share is a sense of humour. And though they all deal with sometimes very hard to understand science they do it in a fun and entertaining way that engages the audience which makes their work even more meaningful as it helps attract and teach people who may not have been that interested in just the science or maths. I find this to be a very good way to go about teaching and life, as a sense of humour can really bridge the gap between people and their interests. Another thing I admire, which Bill does especially well is though the people he is talking to may not be right or smart, he does not get his feelings and emotions wrapped up in his teachings and goes at the situation very calm and open minded. This is very clear to see when he visits Ken Hams full sized ark that he decided was a good idea and investment to build. Ken Ham, within this ark, has information and teachings on how Noah and his family saved all the animals, or whatever they think went on, plastered around on the inside of the arc. And though Bill Nye knows all of. what he is “teaching” is wrong, he does not insult or attack Ken in any way, he merely states facts and science in hope that people will listen. I find this to be a very good way of managing people who may frustrate you in a situation, especially if they are stubborn or not as intellectually inclined.

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