Are you blind for life?

What you will see with the philosopher’s eyes

“There are two kinds of blindness on this Earth: the blind of the view and the blind for life,” said the Ivorian writer Ahmadou Kourouma. Just as our sight is sometimes functional without being perfect (myopia, astigmatism, presbyopia…), our vision of life and ourselves is not always clear. To be blind for life is to live outside of wisdom, outside of the good, outside of our humanity. It is to let ourselves live instead of living. In this sense, we can all become blind if we are not careful. The best protection…

Articles about Stoic Philosophy for modern living

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A Stoic Perspective

A Stoic Perspective

🙋‍♂️ I write about well-being, self-development, spirituality, and philosophy through the Stoic perspective. My blog (in French):

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