Book Club: The Art of Living 2

The concept of spiritual philosophical exercises

Ignatius of Loyola, who knew something about spiritual exercises

Let’s continue our reading of John Sellars’ The Art of Living: The Stoics on the Nature and Function of Philosophy. Last time we began with chapter 4 (I’m skipping around a bit), dedicated to the debate between Stoics and Skeptics on the nature of knowledge, and we learned that, in the end, the two schools converged toward similar…




Articles about Stoic Philosophy for modern living

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What is the past and what is the future?

Substance Dualism: the Creationism of the 21st Century

Do we truly exist?

Virtue epistemology, anyone?


Slaves to Nature, or Free Agents? A Closer Look at Free Will

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Philosophy as a Way of Life

Philosophy as a Way of Life

by Massimo Pigliucci. Practical philosophy, science, pseudoscience & good reasoning. Complete index of articles at

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