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On Compassionate Stoicism

For many years, it’s been on my mind that people confuse Stoicism with having a stiff upper-lip and being not only unemotional but uncaring toward others. That’s wrong. It’s a misconception. Ancient Stoic philosophers would have been amazed because they made love and kindness central to their philosophy of life.

Finally, today, I sat down and worked all day long. (It’s now nearly 5am! Don’t worry, I keep strange hours because I move between time zones.) I wrote a brand new article, from my notes, read it, reread it, edited it myself, got feedback from my editor, read it aloud, and finally sent it to Medium.

Read: How Compassionate is Stoicism?

Before I hit publish, though, I also set up my camera and recorded myself reading through the whole thing live for our new verissimusgraphicnovel Instagram account.

Watch: How Compassionate is Stoicism?

We’d love to read your comments on the article. I know it may be controversial for some people but I’d really like to hear what you have to say — so don’t be shy! I hope “Compassionate Stoicism” is an idea that other people will get behind, or that somehow we can return to the original focus on love and kindness in Stoicism.

Hope you enjoy and thanks, as always, for your support.



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