Reviews of Verissimus, our Graphic Novel


The initial reviews are in! Our new graphic novel, Verissimus the Stoic Philosophy of Marcus Aurelius, currently has 4.7 stars on Amazon US (but 4.9 in my home of Canada!), 4.2 stars on Goodreads, and was chosen as Amazon Editor’s pick for Best History Book in July. You can read more reviews from bloggers here, including philosophy guy Greg Sadler’s awesome in-depth video review. Thanks very much to everyone who has already purchased a copy and posted a review!

I’ve been doing lots of interviews for podcasters but one of my favourites was definitely the Shaun Tabatt Show, where we were able to really discuss the background for Verissimus and creative process in more depth than normal. Let me know what you think and if you’d like to hear more!

NEWS: We’ve given away copies of the amazing poster below to competition winners but I’m hoping we can make these more widely available in the future because I think they look great. Would you want one?

What people are saying…

  • Phenomenal book! I’ve genuinely enjoyed every page so far. The artwork is incredible, the book is bound well. Most importantly, the Stoic lessons are clear, concise, and really fun to consume in this format! I highly recommend this book… — Tucker Reynolds on Amazon
  • This was a delightful graphic novel!! I am big fan of books on Roman history and I love comics so this was the perfect graphic novel for me. A huge make or break for me in a graphic novel is always the art and I loved the art in this book… A really accessible and enjoyable text! Loved this!! — Literaryelise on Goodreads
  • The great thing about Verissimus is that it’s accessible to people of all levels of expertise. Not only will it introduce Stoicism to a new audience, but it will also help reinforce key details and concepts for those already familiar. — What is Stoicism? blog

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