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Thank you from Donald Robertson

Donald J. Robertson
May 6 · 1 min read

Just got an email from Medium saying that I was one of their top 1,000 writers in April:

You made it here because the stories you published in April received the most member reads, claps, and follows. So, nice work! It’s writers like you that make Medium and the Partner Program a living network of insightful thinking. Keep the good ideas coming.

I wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who’s been following me personally or my publication Stoicism — Philosophy as a Way of Life on Medium. And thanks also to all of the other writers who have been contributing their stories to the publication. You can search the archive here for some of the most popular Stoicism articles, or by keyword.

Medium sent me this rosette to mark getting in the top 1,000 writers.

In case you missed them.. My two Medium articles with most views last month were Why You Should Learn to Journal Like a Stoic, published in Forge, and Three Sources of Joy in Stoicism, published here in Stoicism — Philosophy as a Way of Life.

Thanks once again for your support,

Donald Robertson

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