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My publisher, Yale University Press, just told me that they’ve created a special Goodreads Giveaway for my forthcoming biography, Marcus Aurelius: The Stoic Emperor. The have generously agreed to give away 25 free advance review copies of the book. (NB: This offer is only available currently in the US.) Some advance reviewers have already posted ratings and the book currently has 4.67 stars on Goodreads.

Enter the Giveaway

You can enter until 27th Jan. The book’s release date is 6th Feb 2024.

Win an Advance Review Copy: Experience the world of Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius in the latest addition to our Ancient Lives series.

If you’re based outside the US, please stay tuned for other offers. In the meantime, check Amazon in your region for their pre-order price guarantee offer.

Special Discount

If you want to purchase a copy, Yale are generously offering a whopping 30% discount to you, my newsletter subscribers, when you pre-order Marcus Aurelius: The Stoic Emperor. By pre-ordering now, you help us to get the book into more stores, but you’ll also save yourself some money!

Simply go to the Yale website, click the pre-order button and at the checkout enter the coupon code Y24AURELIUS to claim 30% off. This offer is valid now, and until February 5th, 2024. Offer available only for purchases in the US and Canada.



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