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The Prowess of German Shepherds and Searching for a Sniper

Bringing you real life and fiction — or are they the same?

Photo by Photo by manu mangalassery:

How many of you like, or love, German Shepherds?

My dad felt they were the top dogs and I grew up with a few of them on almost five acres of land in western Pennsylvania.

Some day, soon, Lon Casler Bixby can tell about one of his favorite dogs until then check out reasons why German Shepherds make great personal protection dogs in this article:

Reasons German Shepherds Make Best of Breed Personal Protection Dogs

We’ve gotten to know a cool couple living in the High Desert, northeast of Los Angeles — they curate pure bloodline German Shepherds for some of the wealthiest families living in LA, Las Vegas and throughout the U.S.

But that breed hasn’t made it into our crime stories — yet!

It does get another mention in:

What Do Burglars Want in Your Home? — and a four-legged way to reduce threats

Now, what about the sniper? Who is this guy?

That’s what our sixth novel is about … a man traversing the U.S. for quite specific targets. And Detective Brian Kilbraide of the LAPD gets pulled into the pursuit.

We’ll share the title and excerpts here soon. We’re combing through the novel now — a labor of love we started in Jan. 2021 and we’ll publish it by September. Phew!

In the meantime, one of Don’s “kids” is being transferred from county jail to state prison for a brief stint. That’s good news and we’ll write about it this coming week. He’s the focus of:

They Released Him From Jail at the Wrong Time

Look for us to touch on other issues like trafficking on illegal pot farms in California and how drug cartels are finding their way into the U.S.

All this while finishing novel 6 in the Tom Stone Detective Series novels:

Available on Amazon, free for Kindle Unlimited users.

Check them out on Stone Cold Crime Stories, too.

Photo developed by Lon Casler Bixby for Tom Stone Detective Stories



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Don Simkovich, MA

Don Simkovich, MA

Don is co-author of the Tom Stone Detective novels on Amazon and writes content for businesses. Visit or Don Simkovich Amazon.