Black History Month Poster Series 2017

Poster designs from our XD team to celebrate Black History Month

Over the course of February, Black History Month, the DigitasLBi XD team started a side project of designing posters that celebrated historic African-American figures. This series started conversations and educated our team on an incredible range of achievements and contributions. Enjoy!

“Thelonious Monk” by Anthony Daniel. From Anthony: This poster was designed to mirror the structure of his music. Some elements are symmetrically arranged on a grid while other elements are complementarily doing their own thing.
“Wes Montgomery” by Tim Shay
“Garrett Morgan” by Christina Goodwin
“My Baby’s Hair (Formation)” By Erika Decker
“My Negro’s Nose (Formation)” by Erika Decker
“John Lewis” by Matt Adams. Illustration by Nate Powell
“Ru Paul” by Michael Histen From the designer: “I chose RuPaul because he is such a bold voice, and has given a platform to so many people who have been marginalized and made them into celebrated figures. In particular, his quote about spending his entire career “fighting the mundane” resonates deeply with me. He brings creativity to the forefront and challenges norms, and pushes people to fight for themselves and show the world (and themselves) how much they have to offer.”
“Mae Carol Jemison” by Maya Reardon
“David Walker” by Amy LaChapelle and Erika Decker
“Annie Easley” by Sean Tracy From the author: I listened to a podcast with my girlfriend a couple months ago (totally blanking on the name of it, although it was one where they talk about revolutionary/important women) where they talked about her and the struggles she faced. I thought it was really cool, but it sort of bummed me out that I never learned about her (or any of her colleagues) when learning about the space program in school. So I figured other people may not know her, either.
“Maya Angelou” by Erika Decker & Amy Gershman
“Alma Thomas” by Christina Goodwin and Suzanne Brendle
“There Was No #AllLivesMatter” by Erika Decker
“Octavia Butler, #1” by Ali Nolin and Michael Kontopoulos
“Octavia Butler, #2” by Ali Nolin and Michael Kontopoulos

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