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From my personal perspective, the image aroused a strong negative emotion in the viewer. I felt depressed upon seeing the unkempt tombstone. It depicted how the debt issue remained unsolved after the death of the gambler. It also showed that the liability has been passed on to his loved ones. As youths are more prone to be affected by emotions, pathos persuasive appeal would be effective in promoting anti-gambling among youths. Meaningful images should be used to create an impact on their minds.

The photographer edited the image to intensify emotional responses among people. Threats on the tombstone amplified the solemnness of the issue. The background was dulled and faded out, therefore shifting the attention to the tombstone and making the effects more devastating. From the technical perspective, visual cues should be incorporated for greater emphasis on the important messages.

It is generally targeted at Chinese gamblers. The caption is written in mandarin and tombstone is symbolic in the Chinese culture. It is effective in curbing the problem as the Chinese could understand the meaning behind the image better. This taught us that understanding our target audience is essential for production of impactful works that allows them to relate easily.

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The advertisement took an emotional approach to promote anti-gambling. It challenged traditional family values to arouse strong emotions among people. The innocence and vulnerability of the little girl brought our sympathy towards the victims in the family. It also clearly illustrated fears of family members and the disgusting act of a gambler. Relationship ties could be selectively and substantially used to improve the impact on youths.

It was filmed in a way to portray the different perspectives of both parties in the family. Scenes in this advertisement allowed people to relate to it better as the father was filmed as if he was speaking to the audiences. This approach enabled audiences to have a better understanding of gambling problems faced and first-hand experience of being the victims in the process. This method could be adopted in our project.

It is ethically unacceptable to show the advertisement. Acting might be exaggerated to obtain desirable result and unintentionally tarnish the image of men due to stereotypes. National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) has been implementing programmes regarding problem gambling since 2005. Therefore, we can ask NCPG for advice and interviews could also be done to increase realism and reliability of our works.

Total Word Count: 200 words

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