“Why don’t you just wear your white shirt and blue jeans? They are classics, they will look good!”

It may not be a convincing solution every time to wear a white shirt and blue jeans when you feel you have ‘nothing-to-wear’. Classics are great but fashion is also about portraying your mood. Sometimes you just want a little twist ;)

SU brings to you a list of 7 classics with twist! These beauties are for keeps as they will solve your purpose of both wearability and statement.

1. Colour Twist with Blue Tassel Moccasins from TS Designs

Move over tan, versatile blue is coming your way. A pair like this is not just comfortable, but can easily be taken from day to night, and from skirts to dresses to denims. BUY HERE

​2. Shape Twist with Kassa’s Oblong Clutch

Not only does this clutch break the tradition of a rectangluar shape but guess what it is foldable too. A limited edition piece, it is big enough to carry all bare minimum essentials and small enough to not be over-whelming on a petite frame. The best part is you can fold it and carry it in two shades — blue and grey (two sides have two shades). BUY HERE

​3. Geometric Twist to the Classic Pearls with The Bling Story’s Geometric Pearl Necklace

Long before women made the diamonds their BFF, pearls were a woman’s bestest friend. It is one of the prettiest nature’s gift to womankind. The love for pearl jewellery dates back to a time even the calendar cannot account for. This 3D geometric pattern with pearl accents brings out the shy yet fearless woman in you. BUY HERE

4. Quirky Twist with Felt Paper Scissors Brooch

Not the one to own a passed-down-the-generation vintage brooch. That’s fine! Brooches are one of the prettiest classics to adorn. We bring to you one with a quirky twist. Quirk up any outfit or accessory — a bag or neckpiece. BUY HERE

​5. Bling Twist with Embossing with Designerds Salmon Rosy Envelope Clutch

A perfect clutch for girls who love all things classy and rosy. A fresh salmon colour that has 3D rose embossing with stunning gold accents playing peek-a-boo from behind. The clutch comes with a detachable gold chain and pop coloured tassel. #vintagerose #hintofgold. BUY HERE

​6. Enamel Paint & Contemporary Twist with Aditi Bhatt’s Lotus Love Earrings

Gold and Silver Danglers find a home in every woman’s closet. You can have them too but with a colourful twist. When motifs like hearts and lotus come together, danglers as statement as these are born. Team them with a classic LBD or your favourite Anarkali, compliments are not going to stop pouring in. BUY HERE

​7. Fresh Take on Flowers Twist with Kassa’s Flora Cube Ring

Women and their love for florals can be seen in everything from clothes, bags to jewellery. Kassa’s Flora Cube Ring moves over from designing petals to uniquely combining the root of a flower — POLLENS. Bunched together, held by a geometric metal cube this piece is a jewelry artists’ mind blowing take on flowers. BUY HERE

Which one will you buy? Share with us :)

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