10 tips that will take your online selling to new heights

What is the best way to make your already successful store earn even better profit?

Umm…. You have tried some of the industry best practices already to improve your online selling. Now the million-dollar question is, what else needs to be done to sell better? How can you make a difference and help your store stand out from the rest?
We all know that an online business is not only about great products but equally important is the role of the services offered by the store. StoreHippo recently conducted a survey and asked its most successful clients to share the tips that made them scale new heights in their journey.
We have shortlisted some of the best tips from our entrepreneur’s stories and put it together to help you boost the sales of your webstore:

Memorable Shopping Experience

We all know that a seamless shopping experience results in repeat orders. Not only customers remain loyal they also spread the word about your store and bring new visitors and orders for you. Keep your offerings simple and make shopping an easy and secure process for your buyers. Offer multiple payment options to your clients. Over and above all make multi device shopping easy and customized. Making your site mobile responsive won’t suffice, you have to make it mobile ready so your shoppers can buy on the go.
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Be your worst Critic

Criticism hurts but it also makes you realize your flaws. If you really want to learn how to sell more, you have to be all eyes and ears and listen to every bit of negative inputs you receive from your staff, industry insiders or your clients. Also, keep checking your site for any gaps and breaks in the workflow. Testing thoroughly and regularly can save you many lost sales opportunities.
Keep your site alive

Just taking your store online and adding new products periodically is no longer the formula for success. You have to actually keep your site alive and thriving by improvising on the features. Technology can come to your benefit here and working with a technology that reduces page load time can greatly improve visitor engagement on your portal. Also,online selling sites should keep improving the images, SEO, navigation, search and other features to assist customers in finding their desired products easily.
Offer frequent and unique deals

Are you doing the mistake of offering same deals over and over again? Your customers get bored by BOGO (Buy One Get One) or any other offers that are repeated too often. Instead of repeating your offers make unique deals that appeal to your customers. For e.g; if you are a fashion webstore, offer a whole look or ensemble instead of offering BOGO deals.
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Offer freebies on every order

Who doesn’t love free deals and free offers? Even small deals that offer free goodies to your customers and visitors makes them keep coming back to your store. Offer free shipping on certain order value or add a small item for free along with every order value. This type of online selling offers always lure your customers back. You can also offer freebies to your visitors by asking them to leave phone number and email id. This helps you in building your database which can be used later for targeted marketing.
Personalize your deals obsessively

This is the era of personalization. There is no “fit for all” deal and modern shoppers are aggressively going for personalized deals that gives them unique and value added deals. Analyze your customers’ digital footprints and shopping behavior to give them personalized deals. Push these deals by frequent follow up mails and notifications to boost your sales.
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Make your store stunning

Looks matter and a neat and attractive design of your website is one of the easiest ways to sell more. StoreHippo’s toponline selling sites said they saw dramatic changes in sales volume after improving their site look and feel. Enhance the overall look of your product images by FREE editing tools and add more customer faith in your products.
Let your customer’s talk

Always be ears when your customer is talking. Remember one basic rule — the unhappy customer when allowed to speak out can give you the best clues for improving your products and services. Customer satisfaction should be the prime objective of every business and a happy customer not only brings more sales but also promotes your webstore to friends and family absolutely free of cost.
Unparalleled after sale service

How can you make your services stand out? It is common customer grievance that until the sale the support team promises them everything but once the product is sold and money transferred the quality of services either deteriorates or just vanishes. Offer something different here. All our successful entrepreneur’s stories suggest this — Giving your clients best after sales service works like magic in retaining their trust and winning their loyalty.
Deliver beyond expectation

How can you make your customers happy and keep smiling always? One time tested method is to deliver beyond expectation and give them something extra. This does not translate into giving freebies. It simply means that you are offering additional services or products that makes the life of your clients easy. For example, if you are selling baby food, offer various baby products that help in feeding the baby.
May be, you are already using some of the above mentioned” how to sell more” tips for your business. If not, try a combination of these to improve your sales and keep experimenting until you find your Holy Grail.
Do not forget to measure each of the tips and also share any tricks and tips that might have helped you find a winning equation.