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StoreLoad to launch by December 2020

Making it easier for you to store goodies as well as making money even before Christmas

I’m back! The good news; StoreLoad to launch by December 2020. Yes! That novel idea which helps you make extra money by simply putting your idle or underutilized space to good use for those who may have instant (on-demand) need for it is almost here.

With all the reason to be worried about in Nigeria right now, there’s still a reason to be happy. StoreLoad wants to be your money-making companion or even your cost-saving buddy anytime you think of on-demand storage space. It’s on-demand because you may need it right now for only tomorrow while the owner of the space may also choose to put up his space for rentals for only a day too.

So what should you expect from StoreLoad as we launch?

  • Sign up as a Seller for free and list your space to be rent by anyone who needs an on-demand storage space around him/her.
  • Verify your Store and have it certified as safe and cool for use by anyone through our Independent Verifiers
  • With just a few clicks and taps rent a certified storage facility as a Buyer, could be almost anything that has the bandwidth or capacity to store something safely.
  • Get paid weekly as a store owner as soon as anyone rents your storage space.

So what did you notice? Let me guess; a new twist — Independent Verifiers. Let me break it down with a scenario.

The Scenario 🕹

Obi who lives in Surulere needs to travel quickly to Abuja, but he’s not driving. That means his car will be parked outside because of his rented apartment. His apartment doesn’t have a parking space. Hence, tenants park their cars outside the premises; on the road. But there’s a problem.

His neighbour’s car was vandalized a week back by the night avengers. Obi knows two weeks is more than enough for the night avenger even to tow his car and no one will say piiim. 😂

Obi knows this is not the UK or America with streetlights scattered everywhere. In fact, Obi’s particular street is pitch dark at night.

Outside parking at night, but not in Nigeria. Did you notice the streetlight? And even if Night avengers decide to visit here, 911 actually works. When last did you even dial 911 here in Nigeria?

With the spate of insecurity in Nigeria right now, what can Obi do? Think StoreLoad!

Obi whips up his smartphone, signs up on StoreLoad, browses around the app and clicks Buy Storage. Several categories, including the nearest automobile storage, are available for Obi to choose from. Obi goes ahead to select one and automatically, a Verifier — Malik is assigned to come to pick up Obi’s car and takes it to the storage space (Ade’s house in Aguda — a verified Store seller registered under StoreLoad)

I guess you’re thinking “What if the Verifier japa with the car?” Well, Obi doesn’t need to worry. Any consignment passing through StoreLoad, Obi’s car not exempted is inured. And our verifiers are properly vetted. Rest easy man…😏

As you can see, Obi enjoys rest of mind knowing that his car is chilling and waiting for him to come back in good condition because of the on-demand storage space he bought using StoreLoad. Simple! Meanwhile, Malik, who came to pick up Obi’s car, is also earning from that transaction. To Malik, it’s actually a side hustle like Uber is to most drivers.

Oh! I almost forgot Ade who listed his parking space on StoreLoad just earned some cool cash putting his idle space to use. A win-win for everyone.

What if you are stuck in a Lagos traffic while driving and you need to be in a meeting like right now? If you live in Lagos or have had a reason to be here, I’m sure you can relate. While some random thoughts like parking your car somewhere and hailing bike may come into your mind, remember that the fear of LASTMA is the beginning of wisdom. Or might I remind you of our night avengers that don’t even shy from operating during the day? 🤗

Think StoreLoad! Quickly use StoreLoad to buy a space and have a Verifier come pick it up for you while you are stuck up there in traffic almost immediately.

The Point 🎯

StoreLoad helps you store anything of value using the on-demand approach. No hassle trying to rent a shop or warehouse for your occasional importation and amassing rental charges (a sad fixed cost which depletes your profit) when you could use StoreLoad to meet the same need each time more cheaply and safely.

Did I hear you say these scenarios are only for small storage cases, chill first… Even for B2B cases, StoreLoad got you back. Whether you run

Big Storage for
- [ ] Agricultural Produce
- [ ] Automobile Storage
- [ ] Building and Construction materials
- [ ] Electronics Equipments & Gadgets
- [ ] Industrial Chemicals
- [ ] Refrigerating facilities and Chillers
- [ ] Storage Tankers for Petroleum Products
- [ ] Others

Think StoreLoad! Our on-demand storage solution accommodates C2C, C2B, B2C or even B2B. StoreLoad is fully padded and meets you right where you are.

The End 🤗

Look out for us on social media we are always grooving there.

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A sharing economy platform for on-demand storage requests. Rent Space, Buy Space, Run a Part-Time Job as Store Verifier with StoreLoad Technologies

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