Image by Unsplash

To hell with all the isms

So maybe I’m coming on a little strong there. But I’m dead serious.

Everyone has a story. You have yours and I have mine. Long story short, I’m so over all the ism’s of life. Conservatism, liberalism, systematism, politicalism, perfectionism, and the never unending list of isms that are supposedly solutions for our world. As far as I’m concerned, I’m putting all these isms into a deep grave and praying against their resurrection in my own life.

My journey has taken me from one of growing up in Eastern Kentucky all the way to visiting Tibetans in the Himalayan mountains and a host of places in between. I can tell you there’s only one thing that’s proved true in my life no matter where I’ve been in the world. It’s God’s love and stories that express them. Love is the only language that translates across time, space, and culture. It’s the only way of understanding life that has never failed me.

–Even in death, a story is told

Love is the only thing that’s ever helped me make sense of even death but that’s a story for another day. I can see spending the rest of my life sharing God’s stories and the many different forms of love found in them to all I come across. I could make a life out of it and feel like I never missed out on anything in life.

That’s why I’m starting @StoriedFaith. We all have a physical presence in the world and some of us are lucky enough to have a digital presence as well. I don’t know what it will grow into but I know that I’m called to share God’s story of Creation to New Creation and share it I will.

Each week I’ll be sharing through video, audio, imagery, and/or writing what I’m learning about centering life in God’s story without the isms. My hope and prayer is that they’ll help you center your life in God’s story too, one older than time itself.

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