Greetings, world makers.

Thanks for joining us. Our names are Michael and Rafał. Many of you will already have met us at various events but if not — hi!

Here at Storienteer we’re building a new kind of multiplayer augmented reality app. In it, you’ll become a pioneer exploring and building other dimensions. You’ll discover and play games all around you, wherever you are in the world, and you’ll learn how to create your own worlds filled with adventure.

One of our Werework events

Storienteer was born off the back of a series of informal events that we have been hosting over the past year, usually in a dodgy pub on a full moon. One of our areas of discussion was augmented reality, and through listening to others and talking over the possibilities an idea began to take shape: what if we could make the whole world into one big game? Storienteer grew out of this core concept of playing the world.

Six months on and we have a team working hard to deliver our beta version. We currently have a working prototype, and we’re interviewing potential world makers to help us make Storienteer something that everyone can be involved with.

Storienteer will be a gentle, mystical, slightly trippy experience. Its visual identity is based on our love of Jean “Mœbius” Giraud’s amazing art. His classic works like The Incal and Edena have a clarity, weightlessness, and, yes, floating crystals, that we find tremendously appealing. It’s a look that has directly influenced particular features and resources in the Storienteer multiverse.

We strongly believe that there is more to AR than overlays or location-based grinding. AR lets us mix magic into the mundane world. It’s where mobile gaming meets LARPing meets immersive theatre.

Here’s how we think of it: Storienteer is not a game you play on your phone. Instead, the game is all around you, taking place in the real world with real people. Your phone is just a multitool in that game.

We’ll be launching our Early Access in spring of this year. Until then, we’ll be sharing updates on how things are progressing, explaining our design thinking, and talking through how we’ve handled problems we’ve encountered along the way.

If this sounds like something you’d like to get involved with, please leave your details here, and come explore the multiverse with us.