Chinese Sentiment

A photographer’s personal journey to reconnect with his Chinese roots.

Born and raised in Shanghai, Shen Wei is a fine art photographer currently based in New York City. Before going to the States, he had never even held a camera. But once he had, he never stopped. He was inspired by the medium and began exploring the power of photography. As he founded his new calling, Wei went back to China and captured moments that showed traces of the country he remembered.

Swan Xi’an, Shaanxi
Ming, Shanghai

“Chinese Sentiment is a personal journey for me to reconnect with authentic Chinese life, both in the private and the public space.”- Wei
“My goal is to appreciate the real China without its political and economic influence, to reveal China from an internal and intimate perspective.”
Street View, Taiyuan, Shanxi
Grandma’s Table
Man and Ocean Qing Dao, Shandong

The collection shows cities like Chengdu, Guilin, and Wuhan, where things are still in development. He chose these cities because it reminded him a lot of the old things that he grew up with.

Mah Jongg Players, Chongqing
Xinjiang Pears
Mount Huang, Anhui

Shen says: “Things that at the time didn’t seem so important.” But now, seeing it again in a different light made him find traces of his childhood, of the old China he knew.

Half Moon Pond, Hongcun, Anhui
Love Boat, Guizhou
Boiling Pot, Chongqing

In this collection, no factories, crowds of people, heavy traffic, skyscrapers are present. These are personal and private pictures of authentic Chinese life. The solitary subjects in the collection show an intimate side of their lives.

Zhehao, Shanghai
Ting Wei, Shanghai
Yu, Shanghai

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